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VFF revealed the reason why Thailand only sold 2000 tickets to Vietnamese fans in the opening match of the VL World Cup

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In response to questions from fans, even frustration when Thailand only sold 2,000 tickets to Vietnamese fans in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier match, recently, VFF general secretary Mr. Le Hoai He spoke out about this.

Speaking to the media, he said:Not that they sell little, but according to FIFA regulations, the number of tickets for the away team audience is only allowed to account for 8% of the total number of seats on the field. Thammasat Stadium has nearly 25,000 seats FAT selling so is right.

Just like at My Dinh stadium, which has nearly 40,000 seats, if the second leg match is held here, VFF will give the Thai team about 3,200 tickets.

Thailand Vietnam
Vietnamese fans only have 2,000 tickets to the field to support Park Hang Seo teachers and students in Thailand

In addition to the above statement, Mr. Le Hoai Anh also affirmed that VFF will give maximum support so that fans can buy tickets and move to Thailand to support Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students in the match against the home team. home.

“Audiences in Vietnam who want to buy tickets should buy tickets through travel agents, because these agents not only sell tickets for spectators to Thailand to watch the match, but they also contact VFF to be able to buy tickets. household ticket. That means VFF will become a channel to support Vietnamese audiences to buy tickets, avoiding the situation of not buying the right type of tickets for Vietnamese fans, resulting in not being able to enter the stadium to watch the match.”

Thailand Vietnam
General Secretary Le Hoai Anh gave an explanation about this

The match between Thailand and Vietnam will take place on September 5. Besides these two teams, in Group G of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, there are also UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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