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VFF rejected the special proposal of Coach Park Hang Seo

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The 2022 World Cup qualifiers are approaching. In addition to the issue of expertise and force, the issue of the yard is also very concerned.

As expected by VFF, all four qualifying matches against UAE, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia will be held at My Dinh Stadium.

However, Coach Park Hang Seo proposed that the Vietnamese team play the home match against the UAE at Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City.

Park Hang Seo
Coach Park Hang Seo proposed for the Vietnamese team to welcome the UAE on Thong Nhat Stadium

The reason given by the Korean teacher was that U22 Vietnam also focused on kicking the BTV Cup in Binh Duong, so he wanted the national team to gather in Ho Chi Minh City to be able to directly direct both teams.

However, the proposal of Coach Park Hang Seo was not approved by the Vietnam Football Federation. Specifically, VFF thinks that the match against UAE (November 14) and Thailand (November 19) is only 5 days apart, so it is impossible to hold it in two different locations.

  Park Hang Seo
VFF rejected Coach Park Hang Seo’s proposal

In addition, the capacity of Thong Nhat yard is too small, which is not economically viable. A huge source of revenue from ticket sales will be lacking if it is held on Thong Nhat Stadium.

With a flat refusal from the VFF, the southern fans will surely be very sad when they do not have the opportunity to witness and cheer the team on.

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