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The correlation of forces before the match Portugal vs Qatar

The Qatar team has been invited by the European football federation (UEFA) to compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe as part of the preparation process to host it in this country. In particular, Qatar will be in Group A, sharing the same group with Portugal, Serbia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan. Because it is only a guest team, the results of the match against Qatar will not be counted in the results in the rankings, but only as a friendly match.

Data from kqbd7m said that the difference between these two teams was evident in the first leg match that took place about a month ago, Portugal destroyed Qatar with a score of up to 3-1 even though for them to have played at their own home ground. A bold victory in the match against Qatar will help boost the team’s morale to prepare for the upcoming match against Lumxembourg.

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Information from kembong88 said that Renato Sanches and Joao Felix will be the two names absent from the next match on the home side of Portugal. Experts think that Portugal will not be affected too much in the next match as they now still maintain a squad with pillars that can still play normally. And in front of a completely inferior team like Qatar, coach Fernando Santos will certainly have tests for the Portuguese squad in the next match.

The home team Portugal is currently showing a complete superiority to rival Qatar. With a squad full of European-class stars, football betting experts believe that it will not be too difficult for Portugal to win a match here.

Predicted lineup for Portugal vs Qatar

+Portugal: Lopes, Semedo, Cancelo, Dias, Moutinho, Pereira, Bruno, Otávio, Guedes, Ronaldo, Silva.

+Qatar: Barsham, Khoukhi, Hassan, Correia, Ahmed, Hatem, Boudiaf, Abdulsalam, Hisham, Ali, Afif.

Link to watch live Portugal vs Qatar 02:15 on 10/10

Portugal vs Qatar match taking place at 02:15 on October 10 is live on K+. However, in order to serve readers to watch the match online, bongda365 would like to introduce the links that will stream this match for free.

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Bồ Đào Nha vs Qatar (02:15 – 10/10)

Bồ Đào Nha vs Qatar lúc 02:15 ngày 10/10/2021

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