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FIFA pays special attention to the Vietnam-Thailand match

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Confrontations between Thailand and Vietnam always attract great attention and follow-up from fans. Because the two teams have long been rivals of each other’s fate.

Especially when Vietnam is gradually replacing Thailand as the leading force of regional football. And the heat of this confrontation has spread to the World Football Federation (FIFA).

Impressed by the attraction of this match, FIFA re-shared a picture of the great battle between the two teams on their Facebook page.

FIFA is especially impressed with the heat of the Thailand-Vietnam match

In the picture is the prominent word “sold out”, it was designed by the official website of the Thai team named Changsuek.

In addition, fans can clearly see the tagline on this picture Rise-Back up. A strong slogan proves the determination of Thai people to defeat Vietnam. FIFA’s post received a lot of likes and comments from fans.

The great battle between Thailand and Vietnam is heating up day by day

Currently, both Vietnam and Thailand are rushing for the opening match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The coaches of both sides are looking for the best cards for the opening match on September 5.

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