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Check out the match San Marino vs Russia on 11/20

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After 9 matches, Russia won 7 and lost only 2 matches. With 21 points, the Aries team officially joined Belgium in hand in hand to the final round of Euro 2020. In the last match, they will be guests to San Marino’s yard.

Although playing away from home, the victory is almost certain in the hands of Russia. Simply, the opponent is a name that is not on the same level as coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Comments on San Marino vs Russia on 02:45 on 11/20
Comments on San Marino vs Russia on 02:45 on 11/20

It can be said that recent years have witnessed a significant advance of Russia. They are constantly present, even going deep in continental and world tournaments such as Euro or World Cup. Typically, at the 2018 World Cup, which took place at home when reaching the quarter-finals.

Contrary to the away team, San Marino has a very poor position. In the past, this team has never been included in the list of teams participating in the continental tournament. The football background is not invested, the low quality of the squad is the main reason why San Marino is far behind other teams.

Asian Handicap San Marino vs Russia: Choose Russia

San Marino has lost all of the last 9 matches. It is worth mentioning that those failures have very strong ratios. The fact that scoring only 1 goal while receiving 46 goals is the clearest proof. With a match that no longer makes sense, San Marino is forecast to continue to have a forgettable match in this Euro qualifying round.

Predict San Marino vs Russia on 02:45 on 11/20
Prediction San Marino vs Russia on 02:45 on 11/20

San Marino vs Russia Handicap: Choose Over

Poor defense is what San Marino is showing. Certainly, the fragile defense of the host is a fertile ground for Russian strikers to continue to score. Of course, with a very comfortable mentality, the Russian attack is more than capable of displaying strength. San Marino vs Russia bets, a jubilant victory for the away team is entirely possible.

Expected lineups San Marino vs Russia

San Marino: E. Benedettini, D. Simoncini, F. Vitaioli, M. Palazzi, M. Battistini, E. Golinucci, A. Golinucci, A. Gasperoni, N. Nanni, Danilo Rinaldi, Hirsch

Russia: Guilherme, Petrov, Semyonov, Jikia, Fyodor Kudryashov, Magomed Ozdoyev, Akhmetov, Golovin, Ionov, Dzyuba, Zobnin.

Predict the score San Marino vs Russia: 0-8

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