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10,000 tickets to see Thailand

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Confrontations between Thailand and Vietnam always attract great attention and follow-up from fans. Because the two teams have long been rivals of each other’s fate. Especially when Vietnam is gradually replacing Thailand as the leading force of regional football.

And nearly a month before the competition between Thailand and Vietnam in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup – Asia region, the ticket fever was pushed to the climax.

Although there is more than 1 month left for the match between Thailand and Vietnam to take place, but after only 2 rounds of sale, the tickets for Thai fans have been sold out.

More importantly, on August 11, there were about 10,000 tickets sold out after only 15 short minutes.

10,000 tickets to watch the Vietnam-Thailand match sold out in just 15 minutes

The reason why the ticket fever for Thailand – Vietnam match is pushed up is because this match will take place at Thammasat Stadium. This is the home ground of True Bangkok United Club, with a modest capacity of 25,000 seats).

Because of the limited number of seats, there are very few tickets for Thai and Vietnamese fans.

Only about 2,200 tickets will be distributed to Vietnamese fans. Not only that, the price that Vietnamese fans have to pay is also more than that of Thailand.

Vietnamese fans can only distribute 2,200 tickets

It is known that the number of tickets for Vietnamese fans will be officially on sale from 10:00 am on August 19 through 13 branches of Thailand. Those who buy tickets must bring their passports to be checked by security staff when entering Thammasat Stadium to watch the match.

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