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Review Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus

The match Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus in Group D of the Champions League group stage of the 2019/20 season will take place at 00:55 on November 7 in Vietnam time. Controlling this match on the RZD Arena in Moscow will be the French referee Buquet.

Comment on the match Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus

This is a clash between top and bottom in Group D because the situation of the two teams is very different. Juventus is at the top of the table and only needs one more win to continue, and Lokomotiv Moscow is considered to be at the bottom of the table, not even having any points and only scoring 1 goal.


The first leg, when Juventus thrashed Lokomotiv Moscow 3-0, spoke volumes about that contrast. Maybe the second leg in Russia will not be so easy when Lokomotiv Moscow is in a dead end position, but nonetheless the strength of Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is still undeniable. And above all, Juve desperately need 3 points to reach the 10-point mark soon, thereby setting foot in the 1/8 round before 2 matches.

Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus recent form

The form of both is also very contrasting as their situation in the table. After the defeat to Juventus in the Champions League, Lokomotiv Moscow was returned to the league to meet more comfortable opponents, but still could not recover from its performance when there were only 2 draws and losses. And that was the 4th time in a row Lokomotiv Moscow did not know the smell of victory.

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With such a bad performance, the home field clearly cannot become a fulcrum for Lokomotiv Moscow to receive Juventus. In fact, at home, Lokomotiv Moscow was also defeated by Atletico Madrid and Rostov in the matches at the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile Juve is still very cold to win minimal victories, both at home and away. They have not lost a single match in the past 3 months, spread across all competitions. In that winning streak, Juve also only drew 3 matches and won 12. Maybe their victories are not convincing, but what Juve needs, they always win, that’s 3 points.

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