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Identify Bayern vs Tottenham

The match between Bayern and Tottenham in Group B of the Champions League for the 2019/20 season will take place at 03:00 on December 12, Vietnam time. The match will take place at the Allianz Arena, where Bayern won the last 4/5 matches in the Champions League.

Comment on the match Bayern vs Tottenham

With overwhelming strength in Group B, both Bayern and Tottenham soon won tickets to continue, before this last match started. Therefore, the confrontation between the two teams today at the Allianz Arena will only be of procedural significance, when even the top position of the table is definitely belonged to the German team, with the current gap up to up to 5 points compared to Tottenham.

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In that context, the match between Bayern and Tottenham promises to be very interesting with many goals scored. Remember, in the last 3 matches at the Champions League playground, every game Tottenham has scored at least 4 goals. As for Bayern, the last 9 matches at the continent’s No. 1 playground, the Bavarian Gray Lobster always tore the opponent’s net at least 2 times per game.

Recent form of Bayern and Tottenham

When the lucky draw put Bayern and Tottenham in the same group B with the clubs Crvena Zvezda and Olympiakos, NHM soon predicted the outcome of the group, when the two tickets to go ahead quickly belonged to the two representatives of Germany and Olympiakos. Brother. The only surprise is that Olympiakos is at the bottom of the table, and must beat Crvena Zvezda in today’s match to win tickets to play in the Europa League.

With their superior strength, Bayern won all 5 matches played in Group B, scoring up to 21 goals, or an average of more than 4 goals per game. In the first leg at Tottenham’s home ground, Bayern also made a big shock when they won 7-2. That catastrophic failure is one of the reasons that coach Mauricio Pochettino later paid the price with the chair he was sitting in. In the last match, Bayern also hit Crvena Zvezda’s net with 6 goals right in Serbia.

Among the teams currently competing in the Champions League this season, no one possesses an explosive attack like Bayern. With a total of 21 goals, the Bavarian Gray Lobster is nearly twice as far behind the teams behind as PSG and Man City with the same 12 goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that the player who is leading the list of goalscorers in the Champions League this season is Bayern’s – striker Robert Lewandowski (10 goals).

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