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Leverkusen vs Juventus Comments

The match Leverkusen vs Juventus in Group D Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 03:00 on 12/12 Vietnam time. Controlling this match on BayArena will be French referee Benoit Sebastien.

Leverkusen vs Juventus match commentary

The fact that Juventus has definitely finished Group D in the first place is an advantage for Leverkusen in competing for the remaining place with Atletico Madrid. But with 1 point less than Atletico, Leverkusen in addition to having to win Juve, must also hope that Atletico will stumble when meeting the remaining team in the group, Lokomotiv Moscow in the match at the same time.

Bayer Leverkusen vs Juventus CL2

In the confrontation in the first leg, Juventus proved their senior position compared to Leverkusen with a 3-0 victory without spending too much physical strength. However, when having to be a guest in front of a determined Leverkusen, the situation will certainly be different. It should be remembered that Juve’s recent form away from home is not very good when in the last 5 matches, they have lost points twice.

Recent form of Leverkusen and Juventus

Leverkusen just won 2-1 against Schalke over the weekend, which is also their 3rd win in their last 4 matches in the Bundesliga. Their performance in the domestic league is quite good, but in the Champions League arena, it is completely opposite. Leverkusen’s rare highlight is probably just a 2-1 victory over direct competitor Atletico Madrid. Before that, they had lost 3 matches in a row, making the situation as fragile as it is now.

Bayer Leverkusen vs Juventus CL1 1200x780

Meanwhile, Juventus, although no longer motivated, still owns extremely quality players. Moreover, they are determined to find a victory after 2 disappointing matches with a draw by Sassuolo and a weak 1-3 loss to Lazio. Thus Juve has dropped to 2nd in Serie A.

In the context that the Champions League has been arranged, they definitely want to focus on the domestic front. But that doesn’t mean Juve will yield to the opponent in tonight’s match. Maybe they will play for honor, but 1 point away from home is the goal within reach. 1 point is enough for Juventus to regain confidence after 2 painful falls, and at the same time make all of Leverkusen’s efforts to go forward in smoke.

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