Bookmaker Olympiakos vs Crvena Zvezda on 12/12 UEFA Champions League

Olympiakos vs Crvena Zvezda

In this year’s UEFA Champions League Group B, the outcome seems to have been predicted by everyone before Bayern Munich and Tottenham proved too strong. Olympiakos and Crvena Zvezda are so underpowered, they have no chance to continue even though the final match has not yet taken place. However, both clubs still have another equally important goal, which is a ticket to the Europa League.

As for Olympiakos, last time they are possessing an extremely disappointing appearance. In the last 6 matches, the representative of Greece has only 1 win. While the attack is working inefficiently, the defense also works loosely. Typically, the defeat to Tottenham 2 weeks ago, although teachers and students Pedro Martins had 2 goals in the first half but in the end they were still upside down by “Rooster” with a score of 4-2.

Olympiakos Crvena Zvezda
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In the last match here, although it is played at home, experts say that it will be difficult for Olympiakos to win 3 points against Crvena Zvezda.

Currently, Crvena Zvezda is having a better advantage against Olympiakos to win tickets to the Europa League when they are 2 points ahead of the opponent. Just one draw, the Serbian representative will hold the 3rd place.

Crvena Zvezda’s recent performance is relatively stable when they won 7 of the last 10 matches. With a relatively solid defense, the players in red and white stripes are very confident about a good result against Olympiakos in the upcoming match.

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A draw is enough for Crvena Zvezda to keep 3rd place, thereby winning tickets to play in the Europa League. Certainly, the next match, the Serbian representative will try not to be conceded by Olympiakos because Olympiakos’ attack is not too good at this time.

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Crvena Zvezda looks to the upcoming match with a draw result. As for Olympiakos, they will have nothing to lose, attacking is definitely the home team’s tactic Karaiskakis. However, the Olympiakos attack in recent times has not played very effectively. It is likely that the upcoming confrontation between the two clubs will be scarce.

Expected lineups Olympiakos vs Crvena Zvezda

Predict the score Olympiakos vs Crvena Zvezda: 0-0

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