Vietnam Tel has a “great drought” right before VLWC, the ticket to return to rookies

On August 25, Vietnam Tel will have an internal rehearsal match against U22 Vietnam. That will be an opportunity for Tuan Anh and Tien Anh to prove themselves.

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There is another case of injured players in Vietnam Tel when Minh Vuong has torn his knee ligaments and he will have to stay in Vietnam for treatment when his teammates go to Saudi Arabia.

Midfielder Minh Vuong is one of the solutions in the midfield of the Vietnamese team. He is not often arranged by Mr. Park as the main kick, but when he enters the field from the bench, Minh Vuong always leaves a certain mark.

Previously, in a friendly match against Vietnam U22 on the afternoon of August 19, despite scoring a goal for Vietnam, Minh Vuong suffered an injury in a ball handling situation. According to research, the Thai Binh midfielder has an injury related to the posterior cruciate ligament.

In the context of the Vietnamese team, there was no service from Van Hau because he had not returned in time. Coach Park Hang-seo lost another Minh Vuong, a player who is in stable form. This will certainly be a big loss for the “golden star warriors” in the last match against Saudi Arabia at 0:00 on September 3 (Vietnam time).


Because at the moment, there will only be three players selected by Coach Park Hang Seo in the midfield: Hoang Duc, Xuan Truong and Van Duc. In particular, Xuan Truong is the one who plays in the role of midfielder Tuan Anh.

With Tien Anh, he hopes to be able to show his ability once with Mr. Park when Vietnam Tel will have another friendly match against U22 Vietnam on August 25. Previously, because of a ligament injury, Tien Anh missed many days and the internal training match in the presence of coach Park Hang Seo.

It was not until today that Tien Anh was able to practice with his teammates. Of course, Tien Anh will wait for the opportunity to show his ability in the eyes of the Korean leader.

Obviously, the absence of Minh Vuong will definitely bring a terrible headache to Coach Park Hang Seo. Because, the Korean strategist places great faith in the 26-year-old student at the 3rd World Cup 2022. Even, according to the information we have, before that, Coach Park also considered Minh Vuong as a “trump card” at the final VL campaign of the World Cup 2022.

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