The Arab reporter analyzes the ‘frightening weapon’ of Vietnam Tel at VLWC 2022

Vietnam Tel is about to leave for Saudi Arabia to play the opening match of Group B, the final World Cup 2022.

Highlights UAE 3-2 Vietnam (World Cup 2022 Qualifiers) (Source: Next Media)

After a day of recovery, on the afternoon of August 21, the Vietnamese team returned to the training ground to continue preparing for the first match of the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia, against Saudi Arabia.

This afternoon’s training session welcomes the return of midfielder Le Tien Anh after a period of recovery training under the guidance of doctors. Tien Anh himself also identified this as a very important time to seize the opportunity to continue participating in the journey with the team. Therefore, the midfielder is likened to a “strange bird in the middle” who tries very hard to catch up again in the exercises, trying to best meet the requirements of the BHL.

It is expected that Vietnam Tel will have one more practice match with U23 Vietnam on August 25 before leaving for Saudi Arabia.

To understand more about the Arab world’s assessment of Vietnam Tel, we had an interview with reporter Aalam Aali of akhbaar24sport. Accordingly, he highly rated Park’s teachers and students at the final World Cup 2022 and promises to cause great difficulties for the Saudi Arabia team.

“The teams in Southeast Asia have a very skillful and unpredictable play. That can be a dangerous weapon for them as these teams often tend to play tight defense against opponents. If the defense is good, Vietnam Tel can completely change the state very quickly thanks to the neat handling phase in the midfield, which will be something that the Saudi Arabia team needs to study carefully.


The midfielders of Vietnam Tel have the ability to pass extremely well, the fast players on the flanks will then have the opportunity to promote their abilities. Besides, I am impressed with Que Ngoc Hai, this player often has subtle ‘seeding’ phases into the penalty area. I think it will also be a game worth waiting for“, reporter Aalam Aali of akhbaar24sport shared with us.

Vietnam Tel will close the list with 25 players to Saudi Arabia to prepare for the first match in the third qualifying round. Vietnam Tel will have two matches in the third round of the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia on the field. guests (September 2) and Australia at home (September 7).

China confidently won both matches against Vietnam, specifying the number of points to achieve


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