Results of the national team vs U22 Vietnam: Close victory

The Vietnamese national team had a close victory over the Vietnamese U22 juniors in a recent friendly match.

In the process of preparing for the first two matches of the 2022 World Cup Final Qualifier, due to the inability to play an international friendly due to the epidemic, the Vietnamese national team was forced to choose Vietnam U22 as the “green army”. On the afternoon of August 19, Coach Park Hang Seo gave two internal friendly football teams to test the lineup.

In the internal friendly, the Korean strategist divided into two squads to compete at 17:00 and 19:00. According to the latest information, in the first match, Ho Tuan Tai scored the opening goal for the Vietnamese national team and HAGL midfielder Tran Minh Vuong scored the goal to set the score 2-1 first. juniors.

In the second friendly match taking place at 19:00, striker Pham Tuan Hai scored for the first time for the Vietnamese team. This will help rookie on the payroll of Hong Linh Ha Tinh to score points in the eyes of Coach Park Hang Seo and the BHL. The remaining goal of the Vietnamese national team was scored by midfielder HAGL captain – Luong Xuan Truong. This is a beautiful free-kick from the Tuyen Quang player.

Xuan Truong was saddened to see Tuan Anh injured Photo 2
Xuan Truong scored for the national team in a friendly match against Vietnam U22.

After the friendly match with Vietnam U22 juniors, Coach Park Hang Seo will certainly have a lot to do for Xuan Truong and his teammates before the match against Saudi Arabia takes place.

As planned, on August 28, the Vietnamese national team will go to Saudi Arabia to prepare for a trip to the Gulf team and then return to host Australia at My Dinh home on September 7.

The opponent of the Vietnamese national team won a great victory over the European team


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