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Sunday, August 22, 2021 11:35 (GMT+7)

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CEO Truong Manh Linh said that SLNA cannot be relegated when the 2021 V-League has to stop.

With the V-League 2021 being closed many times due to the influence of the covid-19 epidemic, many questions are raised regarding the determination of the championship team, the relegation team as well as the teams participating in the next season’s continental tournament. . In particular, it is very difficult to determine the relegation team when the tournament has to stop while there are still 8 rounds left.

CEO Truong Manh Linh SLNA
CEO Truong Manh Linh affirmed that SLNA cannot be relegated if V-League 2021 has to be stopped.

Currently, SLNA is at the bottom of the V-League 2021 rankings after 12 rounds, 3 points behind the top team, Saigon FC. According to SLNA CEO Truong Manh Linh, no one has mentioned the relegation rate at the moment.

“Currently, the teams are waiting for an official decision” – CEO Truong Manh Linh shared: “SLNA cannot be relegated because if the tournament stops, there are still many matches that have not been played, the teams still have the opportunity. I also have not seen anyone mention SLNA relegation.”

With a huge sponsor, SLNA is still worried about the prolongation of the V-League

CEO Truong Manh Linh admitted that the V-League 2021 stoppage was beneficial to SLNA because it did not have to “burden” the salary fund until early 2022, as well as other maintenance costs. However, SLNA said it still ensures the benefits and life for the players when not playing.

Another benefit mentioned by SLNA is that it will be more proactive in rebuilding the squad and adding forces to prepare for the next season. Up to now, SLNA has parted ways with all three foreign players and is currently testing some new players.

SLNA vs Binh Dinh
SLNA will maintain training to prepare for the next season after the epidemic is under control.
SLNA thinks that the need to discuss now when the V-League 2021 stops is whether to give the championship to HAGL or not, as well as choose a team to attend the continental tournament next season.

CEO Truong Manh Linh said: “I think with the capacity like HAGL, they also want to finish the tournament to be decent. But now if the tournament stops, HAGL may not receive the championship.”

Currently, due to the impact of the covid-19 epidemic, SLNA is giving the players a break from training. However, until the epidemic is under control, SLNA will let the team practice again to ensure their performance and prepare for the next season.

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