Even Ken Jennings was impressed by Matt Amodio’s massive Final Jeopardy! bid

Matt Amodio’s meteoric rise in the record books continued on Monday. The contestant finished last week with his 33 consecutive win, as the second winningest player in the game’s history. He followed up that record-breaking performance by setting a new single day money total, thanks to a very brave Final Jeopardy! wager.

Amodio, who had $41,800 more than the next highest contestant bid a whopping $37,000 on the last clue. The correct answer garnered him $83,000, his biggest single day winnings yet.

While many fans took to Twitter to on the risky gamble, it was Ken Jennings who attracted the most attention. In 2020, Jennings was “The Greatest Champion of All Time,” and still holds the record for most consecutive wins at 74.

Jennings replied to a post of the wager by tweeting, “Whoa.” Amodio responded to the comment, “Now if only I could get that Ken Jennings smell out of the #Jeopardy winner’s podium”

After Tuesday’s show, the Yale computer science Ph.D. student extended his win streak to 35 games and a total money winnings of $1,400,801.

Jeopardy! airs weeknights, check your local listings.

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