China was exposed to Vietnam’s national team match?

Chinese media recently revealed the cards that the Chinese team used to confront the Vietnamese national team.

Highlights HAGL vs Binh Duong (Source: Next Media)

Currently, the teams that have reached the Final Qualifiers of the World Cup 2022 – Asia are in the sprinting phase to prepare for the first matches.

The Chinese national team is also making active preparations towards the first matches of the World Cup Qualifiers. Recently, Sohu newspaper revealed about the important players that this team will use in the first three matches, including the match against the Vietnamese national team.

The author wrote: “Currently, the national team is starting a training camp in Shanghai to prepare for the upcoming matches. The two opponents in September, Australia and Japan, are rated the strongest in this group. Can the family break through or not?

Exxon is definitely the mainstay, for Alan’s part, completely pullable aside. The other side is definitely Wu Lei. This should be the main trident of the team.

However, the team has more than one tactic. Guo Tianyu will become the core of the second squad is very likely. Moreover, after playing the first two opponents, we will meet Vietnam. Guo Tianyu’s physical advantage will help defeat the opponent guard”.

Guo Tianyu will confront Vietnam?

According to the announced match schedule, the Vietnam national team will have a trip to China on October 7. However, before the complicated developments of the epidemic, China was forced to choose a neutral field to welcome the teachers and coaches of Park Hang Seo.

The player who attended the World Cup could not find a place at HAGL


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