AFC gives a ‘gift of great value’ to Vietnam for its achievements at the 2022 VL World Cup

VAR technology will be featured in the matches of Vietnam Tel in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup at My Dinh Stadium.

Highlights UAE 3-2 Vietnam (World Cup 2022 Qualifiers) (Source: Next Media)

The Vietnamese national team has just received good news when playing home matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for Asia at My Dinh Stadium instead of a neutral venue after VFF was approved by the competent authorities. .

That means that VAR will be applied for the first time in Vietnam. According to regulations from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), all matches in the third qualifying round must apply this technology.

However, because the current My Dinh stadium has not yet met this requirement from the AFC, the VFF has decided to hire all equipment as well as the AFC’s VAR operator.

It is known that the cost to hire personnel as well as equipment to operate VAR on My Dinh stadium is also extremely high. Specifically, the amount to smoothly operate VAR is up to about 650,000 USD for 1 match (nearly 15 billion VND).

Vietnam Tel will play up to 5 matches at home, so the total amount to hire VAR for the matches of Coach Park’s teachers and students will be up to about 75 billion VND. This is considered a huge number, especially in the context of the current epidemic in Vietnam.

Fortunately, though All of the above mentioned VAR operating costs have been fully funded by AFC, including transportation costs. This action is considered a huge and meaningful gift that the Asian Football Confederation gives to Vietnam Tel as well as Vietnamese football.

Funding to operate VAR in My Dinh is fully funded by AFC for Vietnam.

VFF General Secretary – Mr. Le Hoai Anh said that the VAR operation team will enter Vietnam on September 3 to prepare for the match between Vietnam and Australia on 7/24. 9.

It is expected that the installation will not take too much time and will be completed before September 5, thereby ensuring the most successful My Dinh stadium match.

“This is an event organized by the AFC and they will ensure the professional conditions according to their requirements. AFC will have a unit to help VFF set up the VAR system. All problems and costs are done by AFC, VFF only stands out to support the procedures to make everything go smoothly.

It is expected that on September 3, the AFC functional department will go to Vietnam to survey the preparation of the infrastructure and the location of the camera system for VAR on My Dinh Stadium. Only then can we provide details on how many cameras will be installed, in these locations.“, said Mr. Le Hoai Anh.

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