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Revealing Koeman’s last match as Barcelona manager

Barcelona’s form is really poor. In the last 3 matches, they lost 1 and drew 2. Worth mentioning, the performance that the Catalan giants showed was extremely poor when they did not create situations like the usual style in the football team. It is a hopeless cross-header game.

It is these disappointing results that make Barcelona currently ranked 7th in La Liga with 7 points behind the leading team Real Madrid. These things make the club’s fans feel very depressed.

In fact, the Barcelona leadership has also planned to sack Koeman, although they will have to pay up to 12 million euros in contract compensation if they push the Dutch strategist to leave at this time.

tiet lo tran dau cuoi cung koeman dan dat barcelona

Koeman is in danger of being sacked at Barcelona

The latest, there have been revelations about Koeman’s last match to lead Barcelona. Specifically, according to a source from reporter Javi Miguel of Diario AS (Spain), the competition against Benfica in the second round of the European Cup group stage on September 30th could be the last match that will be played. Koeman is still in the position of head coach of the team.

After that encounter is over, it is likely that he will have to give up his position to another colleague. Currently, the brightest name being targeted is Roberto Martinez – Belgium head coach.

This is a strategist with a scientific and beautiful football style, in accordance with the criteria that Barcelona set forth. With Koeman, in addition to possibly having to “leave” the Catalan team, he also has to receive more unhappy information.

tiet lo tran dau cuoi cung koeman dan dat barcelona 1

The match against Benfica could be the last game that Koeman leads the club

Accordingly, this captain will not be able to lead the club in the next two matches in La Liga against Levante (September 26) and Atletico Madrid (October 3) due to the red card received in the match against Cadiz on September 24. . The tournament organizers have just issued a 2-match ban for Koeman.

However, if sacked after the match against Benfica, Koeman will no longer lead the team in the encounter with Atletico, let alone the punishment from La Liga.

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