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Messi joins PSG and the value from Ibrahimovic’s words

At the age of 34, Messi even arrived at PSG with a value of 0 dong, but still made the press around the world pay attention to his every move and every move. That is the attraction from the level of a superstar, the most blockbuster deal in the summer transfer window of 2021, despite the price, Messi is nothing if standing next to Sancho, Lukaku and even Jack Grealish.

But all three names mentioned above can be compared with the Argentine striker in terms of class and noble titles that have been obtained throughout his career. Therefore, despite being at an age when many football stars think about retirement, Messi still makes the football village wobble and shows all the status and value of the statement that Ibrahimovic once said before. that.

Legend has it that, in the summer of 2016, after the contract with PSG expired and was about to leave, the Swedish striker made a strong statement in front of the French media as follows: “I came here as a king and died like a legend.” The first part of that statement sounds a bit too much, but the second part is really worth it.

messi gia nhap psg va gia tri tu cau noi ibrahimovic

Messi comes to PSG like a king

In 4 years with the Parisian team, Ibrahimovic has raised the club to become a force in European football, having joined the team at the Park of the Princes to dominate football tournaments in France. But despite the talent to come, the striker has not been able to once help PSG reach the prestigious Champions League championship.

Ibrahimovic may have “failed” in that task, but now the Parisian team has the right to hope in Messi. The striker who won the Champions League four times in Europe came to PSG with the sole goal of bringing this club to the continent after pouring countless amounts of money into the transfer market.

Most importantly, to be able to take the throne in Europe’s highest tournament, the team that owns the Park of the Princes needs a true king and that person is none other than Messi. Ibrahimovic received a lot of hope, had a grand debut when he came to PSG, but Messi was really the king when he came to this team.

messi gia nhap psg va gia tri tu cau noi ibrahimovic 1

And help the team own a really quality squad

He made the world’s media follow every development, made fans wait in long queues for him to appear at the airport and now all look forward to his superb performance in a new shirt. Closing more than 20 years of playing with Barcelona, ​​El Pulga came to the magnificent Paris, where he was ready to write another brilliant historical mark on his already huge list of achievements.

With Messi, PSG not only has a leader who knows how to inspire his teammates from the dressing room, but also has a superstar capable of making a difference from the smallest things. That is what they have been looking for for nearly a decade, the only thing that keeps PSG from being crowned in the continental playground.

Messi came to Paris, bringing with him the dreams of tens of thousands of team fans about the hope of reaching the top of the old continent’s football. In terms of the current European level, there are not many clubs capable of comparing with PSG in terms of squad quality. On a personal level, Messi is a name that guarantees success and stable performance for a long time.

messi gia nhap psg va gia tri tu cau noi ibrahimovic 2

Now is the time for that king to bring the Champions League to PSG

After many days of waiting, Messi finally arrived at the Park of the Princes to start a new chapter in his career. Of course, the journey that the striker and the team are about to go through still contains many challenges, but with the current PSG, they are capable and confident to beat all opponents.

Messi has come to France like a king and he is ready to bring extraordinary “magic” things to the club’s fans as well as the top tournament in the hexagonal country. Most importantly, that king and the Parisian team headed to the continental arena, where he had shined many times to bring Barcelona to the throne and now will need to repeat it to become a great “legend”. in the yard of the Park of the Princes.

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