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Mbappe supports “extremely” against the Covid-19 epidemic

Europe is currently the world’s largest epidemic center with the number of infected people and deaths increasing uncontrollably. The authorities in major outbreaks such as Italy or Spain are almost powerless in finding measures to control the epidemic.

In France, a total of nearly 33,000 have been positive for Covid-19 and 1,995 have died. The government advises people not to leave their homes to avoid infection, causing the epidemic to become more and more intense.


France is one of the countries hardest hit by Covid-19 in Europe

However, the above recommendation does not work for the homeless. They are the part that is very vulnerable to epidemics because they often go to public places and will also become a source of infection that is difficult to control.

Many organizations have stepped in to help these people. Striker Mbappe has also been involved in the campaign. He has supported the Abbe Pierre Foundation – an organization that helps the homeless with a huge amount of money. This information is confirmed by the official website of the organization. The amount was not disclosed.

Specifically, the announcement is as follows: “Mbappe has made great contributions to the Abbe Pierre Foundation. The Foundation would like to send its most sincere thanks to him. Mbappe’s generosity will help many people get through the pandemic more easily.”

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Mbappe’s huge amount of support is not disclosed specifically

The undisclosed donation of the PSG star will be used to buy medical equipment, provide clean water, food and create shelter for the homeless.

Before Mbappe, many other individuals and organizations of the football world also took timely actions to join hands with the community to eliminate the epidemic. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or coach Pep Guardiola all donated 1 million euros each to anti-epidemic organizations across Europe. Big clubs such as MU or Man City also participate in humanitarian activities.

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