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Laporta announced that Barca is owed 1.35 billion euros

Bartomeu left Barca with a debt of up to 1 billion euros (£849 million / 1.18 billion dollars). Recently Laporta had a press conference to expose the truth about Barca’s economic situation.

laporta thong bao barca dang no 135 ty euro

Laporta is facing many difficulties because of the team’s economic situation

The unstable situation first brought to light by the President of Barca is the salary. Mr. Joan Laporta shared: “Our salary fund accounts for 103% of the total income of the team. This figure exceeds 20-25% of the salary fund of other clubs.

When we took over the team, we had to ask for a loan of £80 million from the investment bank Goldman Sachs because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford the salaries of the players and staff. In addition, the board previously received an advance of up to 79 million euros (£67 million/$93 million) related to 50% of the TV rights profits of the club and the bank, with interest. is 9%.

It is not true that the team board of directors reduces wages. We found the fees and bonuses associated with the team signing a new player. There are disproportionate payments to intermediaries, not even from the agent.

Currently the net worth of the team is negative 451 million euros (383 million / 531 million dollars). What is happening now is very alarming.

The amount of 220 million euros from the sale of Neymar to PSG is also not properly used. That forced us to change the model of making football. We will invest in La Masia and spend it efficiently.

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laporta thong bao barca dang no 135 ty euro 3

Bartomeu puts Barca in debt

Laporta took over Barca in March after winning the October 2020 election. Now he is facing a difficult financial situation, which could get worse if the epidemic continues. turn in a bad direction.

When asked about Messi’s case, he expressed that “It is sad but necessary”. In addition, the Barca president did not forget to thank Pique for reducing his salary by 50%, helping the team to sign Memphis Depay or Eric Garcia.

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