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Erling Haaland doesn’t know how to score

This is the time when Europe’s top leagues take a break to make room for matches in the World Cup qualifiers. With an extremely sublimated performance in Dortmund, Erling Haaland is expected to continue to shine to help Norway soon gain the upper hand in the race to win tickets to the world’s biggest football festival. .

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Haaland is helpless before the opponent’s wooden frame in the color of the Norwegian national team

But it seems that the more effort he puts on the field, the more desperate Haaland feels in the task of scoring for the national team. So far in the World Cup qualifying campaign, the 20-year-old has had 145 minutes on the pitch after Norway’s two matches. In Norway’s last 3-0 defeat against Turkey, Haaland played the full 90 minutes. However, so far he has gone more than 4 hours without scoring any goals for the national team.

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In this season, Haaland has scored 21 goals in exactly 21 Bundesliga matches for Dortmund. A tremendous performance that made many people nod their heads in recognition that he is an unstoppable player. Surprisingly, this form of Haaland has been maintained since the beginning of the season and he has not shown any signs of stopping.

And in the European Champions League, Haaland’s performance is even more terrifying. The Norwegian striker has scored in every match and in the last 4 matches in C1, Haaland has a brace every match to help Dortmund go straight to the quarter-finals of Europe’s most prestigious tournament.

The difference in Haaland’s form in the club and national team colors is very clear. The Gibraltar, Northern Ireland teams have done what the Bayern Munich, Sevilla and many of the other defenses in Europe failed to do that by locking down Haaland and not allowing the striker to get any goals.

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Captain Odegaard thinks that his teammates need to create better conditions for Haaland

Immediately there was criticism directed at Haaland for his poor form while playing for Norway, even though he has just turned 20 this year.

“We always see how cool and brave Haaland is to get through difficult times in Dortmund. However, I am not seeing any enthusiasm or determination coming from him when wearing it. put on the sacred colors of the national team. Haaland needs to immediately solve this problem,” commented John Arne Riise – a former Liverpool player and the man with the most appearances in history for Norway. about Haaland.

“The whole team needs to improve their performance and especially we have to create more opportunities for Haaland”, on the other hand captain Martin Odegaard is siding with Haaland when he receives criticism from money. confused.

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