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Comments on Cologne vs Duesseldorf on 24/5 Bundesliga

Review Cologne vs Duesseldorf

The match Cologne vs Duesseldorf in the 27th round of the Bundesliga season 2019/20 will take place at 23:00 on May 24, Vietnam time. The RheinEnergieStadion will host this match.

Review of the match Cologne vs Duesseldorf

Both are underrated, but the fates of Cologne and Duesseldorf are very opposite. Cologne is quite safe in the middle of the rankings. They do not have the opportunity to attend the European Cup nor have to worry about relegation when the gap between Cologne and the dangerous group is up to 10 points.

That is why in recent times Cologne has shown signs of subjectivity when they play less determined than before. Perhaps because the mentality no longer has a goal to strive for, this team has not won the last 2 matches, while the previous 3 matches were all won.

Cologne can now become the “point store” of the Bundesliga because this team is too safe. But that doesn’t mean things will be easier with Duesseldorf. This club is in trouble in the relegation race. They are not chased too closely by the two bottom teams, but Duesseldorf’s position compared to Mainz is 4 points, difficult to level when Duesseldorf has not won the last 4 matches.

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If they do not win 3 points against Cologne, Duesseldorf is unlikely to turn the tide. Remember that the position they are in is just a play-off with the team ranked 3rd in Bundesliga 2. The two play-offs are still too risky, so the best thing for Duesseldorf is still to take 15th place for peace of mind. relegation.

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Recent form of Cologne and Duesseldorf

The last 4 matches Duesseldorf did not win. They drew all 4 matches. No one else, it is Duesseldorf and Schalke who are the “draw kings” in the Bundesliga when these are the two teams with the most draws. With 1 point, Duesseldorf is still lagging behind the group above and that does not make this club feel secure.

While, After 5 wins, 1 draw and only 3 defeats in the last 9 rounds, Cologne has kept a very safe position. To get there, coach Markus Gonomol trusted young players like Ismail Jakobs or Noah Katterbach, combined with seasoned warriors like Jonas Hector, Jhon Cordoba to create a cohesive team.

In contrast, the visitors Duesseldorf only won 1/9 of the last round in the second leg and that is what made them fall to the group holding the red light. The pressure on Fortuna Duesseldorf is huge, especially when they are the team with the worst attack in the tournament (scoring 27 goals). Today, can they improve this record to bring back 3 points against Cologne?

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