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Comment Mainz vs Liverpool 23:15 on July 23

Identify Mainz vs Liverpool

Mainz vs Liverpool friendly match will take place at Das.Goldberg-Stadion (Grodig, Austria). The home field factor is no longer with any team. But according to the English Premier League, it seems that Mainz still has a bit of an advantage because he doesn’t have to move as much as Liverpool.

Because Germany and Austria are close together, almost every year German teams drive to Austria for pre-season training. Austria’s highland climate is very conducive to accumulating fitness and Bundesliga players are also regular customers of Austrian ski resorts in every free time.

.’s recent form Mainz vs Liverpool

The fact that Liverpool chose Mainz to play a summer friendly has almost become a tradition. Part of the reason is probably because it is the football team that helped Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp make a name for himself. According to experts in German football, it is thanks to 7 leading Mainz, bringing this team to the top and becoming the dark horse of the Bundesliga that Klopp caught the eye of Dortmund in 2008.

nhan dinh mainz vs liverpool 23 7 2021

But it is not clear why, although he understands Mainz too well, Klopp has never helped Liverpool defeat this opponent. Data from today’s draw shows that, when choosing Mainz as a friendly team at the beginning of the 2016/17 season, Liverpool lost 0-4.

Meanwhile, the day Mainz was also led by Klopp, Liverpool lost even more heavily, to 0-5 against this German team when playing a friendly against Mainz in the summer of 2006. That said, Mainz is what What a tough name for the English Merseyside team.

According to the bookmaker tonight, Liverpool is still the top team in the friendly match with Mainz taking place at 23:15 on July 23. But the upper door does not mean victory, nor does it mean winning the bet.

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On the contrary, records from the 88th football match show that Liverpool have made those who bet on them on the Asian rafters lose nothing in both previous friendlies during this summer’s training trip. If you look broadly, Liverpool have also lost to Asia in 9 of the last 12 matches in all competitions. A very disappointing rate.

In contrast, according to the statistics of 7m livescore, Mainz is better at making money for Asian investors than Liverpool. This German team has won the Asian handicap in the last 5/8 matches in all competitions. Most likely, this will be another match where Mainz brings money to those who bet on them in the Asian market.

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