When was Genshin Impact released worldwide? All you need to know about the launch and anniversary date

Genshin Impact, alongside its immense popularity, never seems to stop making itself noted in the current market. The gacha and RPG community, in general, were waiting for the release of this game before it became a worldwide sensation.

However, as the days progressed, everyone came to know about its open world, unique combat system, fun characters, and ways to get them by free-to-play means.

This attracted more people into playing the game, and by the recent update, players from all around the world seem to be highly addicted to this anime-style open-world gacha RPG.


Before Genshin Impact’s official release on September 28, 2020, the game was released by MiHoYo in the form of open beta in the same year. A few months before that, a few specific content creators also had access to the closed beta, footage of which the community has no access to, even now.

All you need to know about Genshin Impact’s launch and anniversary date

The Launch

On September 28, 2020, Genshin Impact finally saw itself unfold in the global market, with two major regions for the players to unlock. These regions are the Nation of Freedom, Mondstadt, and the Nation of Contracts, Liyue.

Along with the release, some of the in-game features were the one-time beginner’s banner, the region of Mondstadt, the Archon Quest part 1, unlocking of Statue of the Sevens, and plenty more.

At the launch, MiHoYo also released a trailer showcasing the future of the story and potential regions to come.


However, the ones which drew everyone’s attention the most were the addicting combat mechanics with elemental reactions, beautifully designed in-game playable characters, and open-world puzzles.

Pairing all of these with RPG elements and gacha, Genshin Impact saw the most successful launch in the history of the Chinese video game market.

The Anniversary

Following the launch of Genshin Impact, it is safe to assume that MiHoYo will hold an Anniversary event on the same date on September 28, 2021.

Anniversary in a gacha game is usually a moment to celebrate as companies tend to provide a lot of content for the free-to-play players alongside events and free characters.

Genshin Impact has a fair system in terms of the entire gacha currency where every player can gather gems to plan and spend it on characters they want or need.

September 28 of this year might be the time when the company decides to become extra generous and celebrate the massive success Genshin Impact has achieved.

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