Patrick Mahomes’ signature sneaker is here, and people have thoughts on it

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A rare miss from Patrick Mahomes?

The Chiefs quarterback has done it all on the field and is in the process of conquering everything off the field, as well. Commercial spokesman, part owner of a sports franchise and now, sneaker savant.

Introducing the Mahomes 1 Impact FLX, the first signature kick for the former NFL MVP:

The Adidas-branded sneaker is set to hit shelves in just under a week’s time, on Aug. 23, and they’ll retail for $130.

While no one will mistake these for instant classics, they look like your standard Adidas training sneaker, not entirely dissimilar to the Ultraboost line. The silhouette takes from some of Adidas’ popular lines.

The reveal wasn’t all perfect, though. There is the curious choice of using neon green, which is not exactly a color that anyone associates with Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs, State Farm, or ketchup, which Mahomes loves to slather on his steaks. 

Mahomes is the latest big-name athlete with a big-time sneaker. But as the saying goes, everyone’s a critic. Twitter weighed in with jokes, critiques and more of Mahomes’ first signature shoe:


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