5 reasons why CM Punk had the greatest pro wrestling return of all time

CM Punk is one of the most popular pro wrestling stars of the past two decades. His name has been chanted in arenas across several different promotions since he left the business in 2014. His falling out with WWE was highly publicized and led to many fans wanting to see him back in a pro wrestling ring, which made his return to the industry on AEW Rampage – The First Dance so special.

In front of a sold-out United Center in Chicago, Illinois, CM Punk made his triumphant return to wrestling. Fans greeted him with one of the loudest pops that have been heard in the business in quite some time. It was heavily emotional for Punk and for the fans around the world.

With his AEW debut in the books, it is interesting to look at this moment’s place in history. Due to a number of factors, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to call this one of the best moments in wrestling history. In this article, let’s take a look at five reasons why CM Punk may have had the greatest pro wrestling return of all time.


#5 CM Punk’s connection with the fans

Pro wrestling is an art that uses characters and stories to play on the emotions of the fans. There have been quite a few moments in the wrestling industry that have warranted tears of joy, from the new heights reached by women’s wrestling to your all-time favorite star winning the top prize, these stick with people and cause them to be overwhelmed with their feelings to just let it out.

CM Punk’s AEW debut and return to professional wrestling was also one of those moments. It also shows just how strong a connection he has with the fans. Punk said in his comeback promo that “he is one of us.” He grew up a professional wrestling fan, and his love for the business made him pursue his dream to become a professional wrestler.

CM Punk cut one of the most famous promos of all time with his Pipebomb in 2011. For so many fans, it helped bring them back to wrestling and become a fan again. It was industry-shaking that created new fans who wanted to be alongside Punk’s journey to the top of WWE.

When CM Punk left the business in 2014, so did many of those same fans who became disenfranchised by how WWE treated him. For a few of those fans, AEW brought back their love, and it seems that the company did the same for Punk. That speaks to his connection and why he is just like us. That connection helped his return resonate on a level unlike any other in history.

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