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Where is the link to watch Udinese vs Juventus Serie A 2021 live?

Sunday 22/08/2021 23:30(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

Where is the link to watch live football Italy Udinese vs Juventus at 23:30 today, August 22, round 1 of Serie A 2021, online the results of Udinese vs Juventus on which channel.

1.Link to watch live Udinese vs Juventus (Ronaldo) today on August 22, 2021 on which channel?

VTVCab and FPT Television are owners of the Serie A rights for the 2021/2022 season, so the match between Udinese vs Juventus will be Live broadcast on Sports TV channel. You can also refer to the links below.

1.2 Serie A online results for round 1 today 22/8

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1.3 Video Barca vs Juventus friendly 2021


1.4 Team Udinese vs Juventus



Where is the link to watch Udinese vs Juventus live in the first round of Serie A 2021?
Where is the link to watch live Udinese vs Juventus in the first round of Serie A 2021?

1.5 Information about the situation of forces before the match Udinese vs Juventus

In Serie A, Udinese is in quite bad form at home when going through 6 matches without knowing the winning zone, losing 5 and drawing 1. As for Juventus, after the season was overthrown, there were efforts to reclaim the throne such as: successfully recruited Manuel Locatelli, or re-appointed coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Juventus squad tonight will be without Arthur, Adrien rabiot due to injury and Weston McKennie gets a penalty card, on the home side is Ilija Nestorovski due to injury.


1.6 Head-to-head record of the 2 teams

02/05/21 Udinese twelfth Juventus
04/01/21 Juventus 4 – 1 Udinese
24/07/20 Udinese 2 – 1 Juventus
16/01/20 Juventus 4 – 0 Udinese
12/15/19 Juventus thirty first Udinese

1.7 Results of Udinese vs Juventus in recent matches

24/05/21 Bologna 1 – 4 Juventus
24/07/21 Juventus thirty first Cesena
01/08/21 Monza twelfth Juventus
09/08/21 Barcelona 3 – 0 Juventus
08/15/21 Juventus thirty first Atalanta

07/28/21 Udinese 2 – 3 Sturm Graz
31/07/21 Lens 4 – 1 Udinese
06/08/21 Udinese 4 – 0 Cjarlins Muzane
07/08/21 Udinese ten Empoli
08/14/21 Udinese thirty first Ascoli

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