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Striker Lionel Messi and Top 5 highest-paid players

Tuesday 17/08/2021 09:55(GMT+7)

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Despite accepting a significant salary reduction when he arrived at PSG, striker Lionel Messi is still the highest-paid player in the world.

Messi is still above Ronaldo

In the Barca shirt, striker Lionel Messi pocketed 2.1 million pounds/week. The Argentinian player accepted half his salary to sign a two-year contract with PSG. However, he is still the highest paid player in the world.

Accordingly, Messi is still receiving 1 million pounds/week in the colors of the Park of the Princes team. The 34-year-old player earns £54 million/season, before that at Barca he received up to £108 million/season. The second highest paid player in the world is Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo.
Top highest paid players

Top 10 highest paid footballers in the world right now

The Portuguese player is receiving £ 900,000 / week at the Turin team. He earns 46.7 million pounds/season. Despite their age, both Messi and Ronaldo still receive very high remuneration. In third place is striker Neymar, who is receiving £ 606,000 / week at PSG. He pocketed 31 million pounds a year.

Luis Suarez is the 4th highest paid player in the world, the Uruguayan star receives £ 575,000 a week in the Atletico Madrid shirt. The same salary as Suarez is Antoine Griezmann of Barca. Both earn £29.9m a year, but their contributions to the club are distinct.

Suarez played explosively to help Atletico Madrid win La Liga last season, while Griezmann only disappointed at Barca. Before that, Atletico only had to spend 6 million euros to get Suarez from Barca, while the Camp Nou team had to spend up to 120 million euros to have Griezmann.

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