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Ronaldo was teased by Asian newspapers

The future of the Portuguese superstar is receiving a lot of attention from both the media and fans.

Before the turbulent information surrounding his future, Ronaldo decided to speak up. Specifically, the Juventus striker shared on his personal page on the evening of August 17 that:

“Anyone who knows me knows how focused I am at work. My motto since the beginning of my career has been: Less talk and more action. But, about what people have said and written in recent times, I must speak up.

Ronaldo officially revealed the future. Photo: Instagram NV

Reporting about my future and other teams is disrespectful. Recently, I was contacted by several teams in various leagues, none of whom were interested in finding out the truth.

Now, I break my silence to say that I cannot allow people to continue toying with my name. I remain focused on my career and work, committed and prepared for all the challenges I face. Everything else? Everything else is just words.”

Not long after Ronaldo’s statement, The UAE’s Sport360 newspaper responded to CR7 by making a photo of him with four teams believed to be related to the captain of the Portuguese team. Specifically, these 4 clubs are Man Utd, Man City, Real Madrid and PSG.

238294944_5986063514768646_1253618168836832928_n-compressed (2)
Ronaldo in the Man Utd squad. (Source: Sport360)
Ronaldo in the Man City squad. (Source: Sport360)
Ronaldo in the Real Madrid squad. (Source: Sport360)
Ronaldo in the PSG squad. (Source Sport360)

Ronaldo’s side has not yet made any comments on the work of the Asian newspaper, but it is likely that it will break out a battle between the owner of the 5 Ballon d’Or and the media.

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