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PSG’s shirt sales are already equal to two years of Messi’s salary

Tuesday 17/08/2021 16:59(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

The revenue from the sale of Lionel Messi’s jerseys is said to be equal to the amount that the French team will have to spend on M10 during his two-year contract.

The effect named Lionel Messi is helping Paris Saint-Germain FC make a lot of money from the sale of this superstar’s number 30 shirt.

In contrast to the gloom on Barca’s excess Messi shirt booths, at PSG, M10 is creating a shirt fever when there are already a lot of fans of the Paris team looking to buy his shirt. .

Owning Messi, PSG is expected to win the Champions League
Owning Messi, PSG sold a record number of shirts.

According to Ole, PSG club has sold more than 1 million jerseys of rookie Lionel Messi in the past week, on both online payment and direct sales platforms. Shirts printed with the number 30 and Messi’s name are being sold for prices ranging from 115 to 165 euros.

With a price tag of 158 euros/piece, Messi’s own shirt sales are estimated to be enough to pay off his two-year salary at PSG. Of course, the French team is not allowed to keep this money that the outfit sponsor will collect.

The thriving business also helps PSG benefit quite a lot when they will be paid by shirt sponsor Nike for 10% of revenue from player’s shirt sales. And with the great attraction of M10, PSG’s business promises to continue to have many advantages.

The fever of buying the shirt of the Argentine superstar has so far not shown any signs of cooling down after the player signed a contract with the former Ligue 1 king a week ago. According to the mainland media, in the first 7 minutes of the sale, more than 150,000 shirts of number 30 were sold.

As for Messi, he will also receive a payment from shirt sales at the new team. Although the number is not disclosed because it is in the confidentiality clause of the contract, with such a record number of shirts sold, it is certain that the 34-year-old striker will also bring in a large amount of money to fill. add his billion-dollar fortune.

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