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Predictions of Montpellier vs Lorient French league today

Sunday 22/08/2021 10:07(GMT+7)

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Montpellier vs Lorient at 8.00pm on August 22 (3rd round of the French Ligue 1 Championship 2021/22): Expert opinion, prediction results, professional analysis, football rate information, previous sideline statistics match.

Montpellier vs Lorient
Montpellier vs Lorient

Last season, Montpellier stood in the top half of the Ligue 1 rankings (8th), which is close to the European Cup area and also reached the final of the French national cup (only lost to the giants PSG after the penalty shootout 11m). Meanwhile, Lorient ranked 16th, not far from the relegation group (from 18th or less).

In addition, in terms of name and tradition, Montpellier also proved to be better. However, this team is getting off to a bad start in Ligue 1 2021/22 when they have only won 1 point after 2 rounds.

As for Lorient, although it continued to be listed as a candidate for relegation, it had a smoother start. Specifically, Lorient got points on St. Etienne’s field in round 1 and especially beat Monaco (3rd last season) which is much stronger. It should be remembered that both of those matches Lorient were ranked at the bottom (all lost according to Asia).

However, Montpellier is still at the door on this match like the last times to welcome Lorient. But with the handicap only stopping at Bronze (1/4), it is a significant decrease because the previous 3 times against Lorient at home, Montpellier all drew (1/2). So the top door is not reliable.

Montpellier vs Lorient . odds
Montpellier vs Lorient . odds

Expected lineups Montpellier vs Lorient

Montpellier: Bertaud; Sambia, Thuler, Sakho, Cozza; Savanier, Ferri, Mollet; Laborde, Delort, Wahi

Lorient: Nardi; Laporte, Mendes, Fontaine; Le Goff, Abergel, Lemoine, Monconduit, Silva; Lauriente, Moffi

Predict the result Montpellier vs Lorient: 2-2

Statistics Montpellier vs Lorient

Montpellier vs Lorient
Head to head Montpellier vs Lorient
Montpellier vs Lorient
Montpellier’s recent achievements
Montpellier vs Lorient
Lorient’s recent achievements

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