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“Nothing will bring us down”

(Country) – Xuan Truong sent encouragement when Minh Vuong was injured and missed his appointment with 2 matches of the third qualifying round of the World Cup 2022.

Midfielder Tran Minh Vuong suffered a posterior cruciate ligament injury in a friendly match between Vietnam and U22 Vietnam. It is certain that he will not be able to join the Vietnamese team to attend the last two matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. This is a pity when the Thai Binh midfielder is in a very stable form. Close friend Xuan Truong had touching words of encouragement to his teammates.

“You used to write to me, so now let me write to you…

Even though we’re just next to each other, it’s hard to say these things directly. When I fell, you were the one who sympathized and helped me through. Now that you fall, I realize even more that nothing will bring us down forever. Because I know you will stand up stronger than ever.

To find a player who is always enthusiastic even on the training ground, you are definitely number one for me. To choose a person who devotes both his passion and his youth to a football career, of course, no one else, you are that person. At the end of last season when your chances were brighter at the club, injury came. And now as you slowly prove yourself on the Team it happens again…

Maybe that’s unfair to many people, even I feel it’s unfair to you. But I know you’ll say this isn’t necessarily the worst, it’s just God’s plan to make you more mature. I have seen how you “try hard” to improve every day, willing to listen to everyone’s suggestions to improve yourself. But unfortunately, trauma is something that we cannot anticipate. But maybe it came to remind us that to slow down a bit, your body needs rest to get ready for bigger goals and tasks. So surely the opportunity will come to you again in the front. My friend, do your best!”, Xuan Truong sent a message to Minh Vuong.

Xuan Truong and Minh Vuong have a very close friendship, they are always beside and encourage each other when the other side has problems. Remember, when Xuan Truong had to treat his injury in Korea, Minh Vuong also went to the place to help his friend relieve his sadness.

Xuan Truong encouraged Minh Vuong:

Minh Vuong also wrote for Xuan Truong (Screenshot)

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The close friendship of the two midfielders (Photo: FBNV)

Injury is something that no one can foresee, but unfortunately for Tran Minh Vuong, bad luck always doesn’t stick around. Not only Xuan Truong but all the fans and the Vietnamese team hope that he will pass and come back soon. Because Minh Vuong is a strong player.


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