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Nico Ali and the most special debut in boxing

First, let’s go back to 40 years ago. At that time, on March 8, 1971, Muhammad Ali stepped out into the ring at Madison Square to face his opponent Joe Frazier, one of the most important bets in boxing history.

To date, both Ali and Frazier are no more. Boxing has also changed a lot over the past four decades. And it’s forced when a puncher puts his name next to one of the two legends above.

However, Nico Ali Walsh is the exception. On August 15, he walked on the radio with black and white striped pants just like his grandfather in the past. A highly evocative image. You may not know, Nico is the grandson of the late Muhammad Ali. More than 5 years after Ali’s death, 40 years since his grandfather retired, another member of the Ali family is back on the radio.

It’s great to see the 21-year-old come home with an impressive victory, just two minutes after his middleweight rival Jordan Weeks. But make no mistake, Nico is not of the same stature as Ali, who became professional only 2 months after winning the 1960 Olympic gold medal. In fact, Nico’s capital at this time is only about 30 amateur matches, no title. which is remarkable.

Nico Ali and the most special debut in the boxing village - Photo 1.

Nico Ali had no trouble beating rival Jordan Weeks

But whatever you say, an impressive performance also helps Nico make a mark, especially with the label of “legendary’s grandson” that he owns.

From before the fight started, Nico was taken care of. In fact, focusing attention on a name that has no outstanding record would be a bit unfair to the other champions competing today. However, it’s hard to ignore Nico, because Ali is so popular and he’s the first grandchild to turn pro.

Nico stepped out into a day filled with boxing events. The first was in Dallas, where welterweight contender Vergil Ortiz beat Egidijus Kavaliauskas in eight exciting rounds. The opposite happened in California where John Riel Casimero successfully defended the WBO belt against Guillermo Rigondeaux. During 12 rounds, both sides had only 91 accurate blows and had to receive boos to 4 corners of the platform.

However, Sport Yahoo said that Nico’s match was still the most noticeable. In fact, this matchup has no professional appeal. Nico, as we know, fades away in amateur fights. As for Weeks, the last performance showed that this fighter was too weak, the tactical technique was almost nonexistent.

The grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali won an impressive victory on the day of the boxing village debut

After the event ended, many major news sites like ESPN chose to report on Nico’s bet, placing the same tray and title match between Casimiro and Rigondeaux. Anyway, the young boxer also showed that he is more than just a name.

It took about a minute for Nico to knock his opponent to the floor. Next, the boxer born in 2000 launched a pretty good combo that Weeks couldn’t defend. At 1 minute 49 seconds, the referee had to step out to declare the end of the confrontation.

“Hearing people chant Ali is something I will never forget. I didn’t think I would get it. A very special act,” Ali said.

Nico’s arm was raised, just like his grandfather in the past. Below, this family of boxers could not hide their joy. Mrs Rasheda, who had traveled to the Bahamas to watch Ali’s last game, burst into tears at her son’s performance.

Nico had the most special boxing debut in history. He is now backed by Top Rank boss Bob Arum, who shares the same mentor as champion Tyson Fury. Nico is cleared to succeed.

Nico Ali and the most special debut in the boxing village - Photo 3.

Nico Ali’s joy after first professional win

Before the match, Nico was asked a hundred times the only question: “What does it feel like to be the grandson of a legend?”

“Honestly, this brings a lot of pressure. But to me, Ali is a respectable grandfather. All in all, he is the greatest boxer in history. As for me, I consider Ali to be a great grandfather. most,” shared Nico.

Maybe, with the talent in possession, Nico could never reach the success of his grandfather Muhammad Ali. Even so, maybe just Nico getting on the radio and fighting hard, that would be enough.

Nico Ali and the most special debut in the boxing village - Photo 4.

Nico Ali is the first grandson of Muhammad Ali to fight professionally

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