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MU fans quarreled “allegedly” on social networks because of the image of Tevez wearing the “Red Devils” shirt

(Country) – The photo of Carlos Tevez wearing a Manchester United shirt is controversial on many social networking platforms.

On his Instagram page, Tevez is giving away a MU shirt with his name and number 32 printed on it to the luckiest fans. The post of the Argentine star received more than 437,000 likes and thousands of comments after 1 day of posting. Of course, there are many conflicting comments in it.

MU fans quarrel like

Tevez was with MU from 2007 to 2009 (MU on loan from West Ham United), the striker born in 1984 scored 34 goals in 63 appearances, helping the “Red Devils” win 2 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League and 3 other championships.

Not only playing well, Tevez also has an enthusiastic attitude. The old No. 32 of the Old Trafford team, along with Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, formed a famous attacking trio in Europe.

But in 2008, MU did not buy Tevez outright. Instead, “Red Devils” recruited Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham Hotspurs for £ 34 million. The following summer, Tevez signed with great rival Manchester City and became a traitor in the eyes of MU fans.

– “I never considered Tevez a MU player. I see him as a fraud,” one person wrote on Twitter.

MU fans argue like

While marching to celebrate Man City’s 2011/12 Premier League title, Tevez also held up a banner “Rest in peace Fergie” as a way to take revenge on his old teacher because he “hair dryer” valued Berbatov. and pushed him to the bench.

MU fans never forgive Tevez for this act:

“I don’t think a true MU fan would want this shirt, especially after Tevez insulted Sir Alex Ferguson.”

“Anyone who doesn’t respect Sir Ferguson doesn’t deserve to be respected.”

“I’m happy to see Tevez wear the MU shirt again but at the very least, he should respect Sir Ferguson.”

– “Joining a great rival is one thing, but Tevez has a disrespectful attitude towards Sir Ferguson who gave him the opportunity to elevate his career. Tevez is a viper!”

– “We will never forget this photo. So take off your MU shirt Tevez!”.

– “Have you forgotten this image?”.

MU fans quarrel like

However, there are also defenders of Tevez, criticizing the group that hates the Argentine striker.

– “Football career is always short. Tevez follows the call of money and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

– “Everyone is so ungrateful. Tevez helped MU win the 3rd Champions League literally. In my eyes, he is still a MU legend.”

MU fans quarrel like

– “Tevez is always underrated by MU fans. Have you forgotten the great attacking trio of the past?”.

MU fans argue like

– “Fergie’s biggest mistake after Jaap Stam was not to keep Tevez. He played better than Berbatov and was more suitable for MU’s play. At that time, Fergie should have kept Tevez for him. I’m not going to Manchester City.”

– “Fergie chose Tevez over Berbatov. It was a wrong decision. Tevez didn’t want to leave MU and he perfectly suited the style of this team.”

MU fans argue like

According to Gary Neville (a defender with MU in the period 1992-2011), Tevez had a negligent attitude in training in the 2008/09 season. Not long after that, Kia Joorabchian – the representative of the former Juventus star spoke out against Neville.

Until now, the reason MU did not give Tevez an official contract even though he fully deserved it is still a big question mark. To many viewers, Tevez is both obnoxious, reprehensible, but equally pitiful.

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