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Juventus’ shirt was “stoned” by the online community

(Country) – On many social networking platforms, Juventus’ third jersey for the 2021/22 season designed by Adidas is receiving “hail and hail”.

Juventus' jersey was

– “The design team should make these products instead of designing the jersey”.

“This shirt is as bad as Juventus itself.”

– “The worst shirt in the history of Juventus”.

Juventus' jersey was

– “Design team should ask themselves”.

– “Is this the jersey of the Ukraine team?”.

– “I can’t believe Adidas can pay the design team to make such a horrible shirt.”

Juventus' jersey was

– “This shirt is the enemy of fashion”.

– “This shirt has the original price of 90 euros. But even if Adidas reduced the price to 5 euros, I would not buy it.”

– “I own 25 Juventus jerseys. Since 2012 until now, I have bought almost no missing model. But with this shirt model, even if I give it away, I don’t want to accept it. I have never seen the kit. What bad football outfit is that?”

Juventus' jersey was

– “Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Juventus because of this shirt. He looks better in a white shirt. So go back to Real Madrid.”

“It looks like a Tour de France jersey.”

– “This shirt is a disaster. I won’t watch any Juventus game if they wear it. Adidas design team deserves to be fired.”

Juventus' jersey was

– “The title of the ugliest shirt in 2021 belongs to Juventus. I think the Juventus shirt designed by Nike is the best.”

– “Who designed this shirt? A Napoli fan?”.

– “When will the contract between Adidas and Juventus expire?”.

Juventus' jersey was

– “How can this thing exist on Earth? Can’t believe this is a professional soccer jersey!”.

– “Adidas needs to stop this silly act immediately!”.

“I thought the Juventus players were wearing Parma jerseys.”

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