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Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski: Who is better?

Friday 20/08/2021 07:58(GMT+7)

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Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski are the best strikers in Europe today, compare the performance of these two strikers to see who is better.

Comparison between Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski

According to many sources, both Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski want to leave in the summer of 2021. The English striker wants to wear the Man City shirt, he refused to play in the Tottenham shirt to leave. As for the Polish player, he also wants to find a new challenge after winning many titles with Bayern Munich.

Tottenham demanded up to £ 150 million for Harry Kane, while Bayern only sold their star if they received a large amount. Let’s compare the performance between these two strikers to see who is better.
Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski

The form of Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski

Since the start of the 2016/17 season, Lewandowski has scored a total of 230 goals in 231 games, averaging 1 goal per game, while Kane has 157 goals in 209 games, averaging 0.8 goals per game. Lewandowski averages 4.6 shots per 90 minutes, while Kane’s figure is 4.2.

The Polish player’s ability to hit the target is also better with 2.1 times per 90 minutes, better than Kane’s 1.9. The fact that Lewandowski has a better record than Kane can be understood because he plays in the Bundesliga, a league of lower quality than the Premier League.

Bayern Munich have won nine consecutive Bundesliga titles, while Tottenham have not won a title since 2008 until now. Lewandowski has won countless titles with the “Gray Lobster”, including 10 Bundesliga titles, 4 German Cups, 6 German Super Cups, European Super Cups, Champions League and many other titles.

In contrast, Kane and Tottenham finished second in the Premier League, Champions League and twice in the English League Cup. Lewandowski also has more individual awards, the Polish striker should have won the Ballon d’Or last year but the title was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both players have played well over the years, but Kane is still valued higher because he is 5 years younger than the Polish player.

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