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Barca’s huge debt and financial difficulties

Monday 16/08/2021 21:50(GMT+7)

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President Joan Laporta had a press conference to share with fans about financial difficulties, including Barca’s huge debt.

Barca’s huge debt and financial difficulties

In recent years, Barca has faced many financial difficulties. Currently the debt of the Catalan giants is up to 1.35 billion euros.

Recently, President Joan Laporta had a press conference to clarify this issue. He emphasized that this is the consequence of the wrong policy that Barca’s predecessor BLD caused.

President Joan Laporta shared:

“Today, I want to hold a press conference to clearly explain to the fans the outstanding problems since I took over the club. First, the salary structure from the previous Board of Directors is problematic, where the Veterans are given long-term contracts and young players are short-term, making it very difficult to negotiate contract extensions with players.

Immediately after taking office, the first thing I did was take out a loan of 80 million euros so that I could pay the salaries of the players. In addition, we spent 1.8 million euros to upgrade the Camp Nou stadium to ensure the safety of the fans coming to watch the match.

Joan Laporta
President Joan Laporta confirmed Barca’s debt has reached 1.35 billion euros.

Barca lost up to 91 million euros because of the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. In it, there are extremely ridiculous and unreasonable expenses. In addition, the salary fund on revenue of the team is at 103%, far exceeding the regulations of La Liga.

Currently Barca’s budget is negative 451 million euros. The current debt of the team has reached 1.35 billion euros, a huge number.”

Joan Laporta continued to sharply criticize former president Josep Bartomeu.

“A few days ago, I received a letter from Bartomeu. It’s really all lies. He tries to explain the management of the team that cannot be explained.

Myself and the members of the current Board of Directors strongly disagree with Bartomeu’s explanation. Although he resigned on October 27, 2020, he will still be responsible for the club’s activities until the end of March 17, 2021. No one can escape responsibility.

Former president Bartomeu made bad decisions during his time at Barca, causing consequences to the present.

They collected 222 million euros from the sale of Neymar and spent it at the speed of light. The team’s salary fund is now skyrocketing, in addition to the installment payments.

The way the previous BLD team managed the team was really a disaster. The current economic and financial situation of the club is very worrying.

We will find a solution to clearly assign responsibility. The situation is very tense, but we believe there will be positive signals. The strategic plan is based on our reputation and experience, based on all that Barca has.

The financial situation of the team caused some sad decisions to be made. It is impossible not to mention the departure of Messi. But I believe this will be the beginning of a new era in the club’s history, as long as we unite to overcome difficulties.”

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