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Arsenal sold tickets but no one bought them, the Emirates Stadium was empty for a record

Sunday 22/08/2021 10:50(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

Arsenal side has not yet sold out tickets for the match against Chelsea at Emirates Stadium in the second round of the Premier League, the Gunners fans have expressed their dissatisfaction by refusing to come to the stadium to cheer for the home team.

Arsenal fans turn their backs on the club

In 2 Premier League 2021/22, Arsenal host Chelsea at Emirates Stadium. The London derby is often one of Arsenal’s most anticipated matches of the season. In previous seasons, tickets were sold out quickly.

Arsenal fans are not excited about going to the Emirates Stadium to cheer for the Gunners

Arsenal fans are not excited about going to the Emirates Stadium to cheer for the Gunners

However, up to the present time when the match is less than 24 hours to take place, Arsenal has not yet sold out all tickets. According to Arsenal’s ticketing website, there are still plenty of empty seats in the stands. Only about half of the Emirates stadium is filled.

It is likely that this will be the match between Arsenal and Chelsea in the Premier League with a record number of fans at Emirates Stadium. Gunners fans gradually lost faith in the home team. Arsenal lost 0-2 at Brentford’s field on the opening day of the Premier League, they were much underestimated compared to Chelsea.

A part of the fans did not want to see Arsenal lose to Chelsea, so they refused to come to the field to watch the match. The fans not coming to the field is also a way to react to the high ticket prices that Arsenal apply this season.

The teams in the highest football league in England have announced the price of tickets for the 2021/22 season. Arsenal is the leading team. Accordingly, Gunners fans have to spend £ 891 to own all tickets in 19 home matches of the London team, an average of £ 47 / match. Much higher than Man City’s £ 325 or MU’s £ 532.

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