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5 highlights of the day Liverpool vs Burnley 2-0 gently

Result: Liverpool 2-0 Burnley

Jota 18′, Mane 69′

1. The effectiveness of Liverpool

Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Burnley at home should not make many people admire. But the way they won 3 points must make coach Jurgen Klopp very satisfied. Such lightness is what Liverpool lacked last season.

English football results Liverpool vs Burnley: Mane made it 2-0
Liverpool beat Burnley 2-0 gently

On the defensive front, with the return of the official central defender duo Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip, Liverpool is definitely better. The blunders in defense no longer appear when they have a leader like Van Dijk.

Liverpool soon took the lead over Burnley after Diogo Jota’s goal in the 18th minute. Burnley didn’t play too bad and had 1 time to put the ball into the net of Liverpool but was denied by offside.

But in general, throughout this match, The Kop dominated the game and were more comfortable after Sadio Mane doubled the lead in the 69th minute. When they won the Premier League in the 2019-20 season, they also showed style. so.

When the back is solid, Liverpool is no longer in the chase for the score. The explosive factor is gone, but the effect is maximized. That image was reproduced last Saturday.

2. Jota impresses again

On Liverpool’s opening day in the Premier League, it was Jota who scored the opening goal in the 3-0 win over Norwich. And recently, it was the Portuguese player who scored the first goal for The Kop at Anfield this season.

Diogo Jota compares Liverpool vs Burnley
Jota opened the scoring for the Liverpool vs Burnley match

Last season, when he was in very high form, Jota was injured quite badly. It is a pity for Liverpool when the trio of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have all declined.

In the new season, Jota immediately entered Liverpool’s starting line-up. The fact that Firmino has to sit on the bench for the past two matches is no longer a terrible thing. In addition to the decline, this striker has not been in good physical condition when he just returned from Copa America with Brazil.

And after just 18 minutes, Jota proved why he was kicked with a tackle that showed the goal-scoring instincts of a striker. He slipped behind the Burnley defense and opened the scoring.

Firmino came on to replace Jota in the 81st minute as a consolation from coach Klopp. However, in the near future, the 30-year-old striker needs to determine that he will have to be a regular reserve for the juniors.

3. Fans return to Anfield

san Anfield
Anfield is bustling again

It’s been a long time since the 50,000 fans at Anfield were able to sing a traditional Liverpool song. Any The Kop fan will remember those moments.

After about a year and a half, Anfield was able to welcome the audience back to cheer for Liverpool. Their influence was immediately apparent. That’s when the crowd mocked Nick Pope for his delay in teeing off or applauded enthusiastically after a good tackle by the Liverpool player.

Liverpool did not have that great source of mental strength all last season. Now, they are ready to put aside a long string of bad achievements at Anfield to rebuild a “Fortress”.

4. Elliott scores

Liverpool vs Burnley Harvey Elliott
Elliott has an impressive 90 minutes

Harvey Elliott has just started for Liverpool for the first time in the Premier League. Joining from Fulham in 2019, Elliott made eight appearances in his first season with just two in the Premier League and all came from the bench.

Last season, Elliott was loaned to Blackburn and shined in the First Division. In addition to slick dribbling, the guy born in 2003 had 7 goals in 42 matches.

Before Burnley, Elliott got the main kick and the teenage star did not disappoint coach Klopp. Had Salah not been penalized for offside, the former Fulham member would have had an assist.

Elliott played the full 90 minutes in a 2-0 win over Burnley. With this performance, he promises to be used more by coach Klopp in the coming months.

5. Burnley lineup

Burnley image
Burnley’s main lineup is very interesting

The Burnley squad that started against Liverpool carried shirt numbers from 1 to 11. This is a rarity in modern football. In fact, Burnley is the first team to launch such a squad in the top division of England since 1998 until now.

Charlton was the last team to launch a starting XI with the number 1 to 11. Burnley repeated this at Anfield and was also very traditional when the number 1 goalkeeper, two full-backs wore the number 2 and number shirt. 3 while the two central defenders wear number 5 and number 6.

Burnley’s winger pair wears the number 7 and number 11, the number 4 and number 8 central midfield pair. Their two forwards have the number 9 and number 10.

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